Energy and Natural Resources

“Front-running full-service firm with an experienced energy team frequently advising on solar, wind and thermoelectric power projects. Clients highlight their confidence in the department’s “strong team” and its handling of matters in the energy sector. They recognise the firm as particularly experienced in the financing of energy projects, describing them as “experts in this aspect”. Chambers and Partners Latin America 2019.

Acclaimed by Chambers & Partners as a Band 1 Firm in the energy and natural resources area, Prieto counsels the main players in this market in the country.

Prieto was actively involved in the main privatizations of public services conducted in Chile in the last decade and has provided ongoing counseling to different domestic and international companies in the areas of electricity, oil, gas and LNG. It has ample experience in regulated markets related to these industries.

The Firm provides comprehensive counseling in the energy area, with assistance in the obtainment of concessions, permits and licenses, rendering advisory services in bidding processes and commercial agreements with clients and partners, being actively involved in drawing up construction, operation and commissioning contracts and the financing of large projects, procurement contracts and power, natural gas, coal, limestone and other sorbents and LNG sales, EPC and O&M contracts charter party or alike maritime transportation contracts, as well as any conflicts that may arise in the different areas of activity.

Contact: Claudio UndurragaJuan Tagle and Fernando Bravo.

Water and Sanitary Services

Prieto has acknowledged experience in this area dating back to its involvement in the privatization processes of the country’s main sanitary services companies. It continues to counsel the most important local concessionaires regarding their operations, mergers and acquisitions of other companies in the same line of business and their dealings with the authorities of the sector and other national or international investors that wish to access or expand within this market.

Contact: Fernando Bravo.


The Prieto team is permanently involved in this sector, representing the main electrical companies in the country dedicated to the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.

In this area, the Firm counsels its clients in the financing and construction of hydroelectric, thermoelectric, wind, solar and other non conventional renewable energy generating projects (EPCs), operating and maintenance projects (O&Ms), power supply contracts (PPAs), projects for the construction, installation and operation of transmission lines, as well as regulatory and commercial matters peculiar to the market.

The Firm also has ample experience in litigation regarding electrical matters, before arbiters and regular courts of law, before the Antitrust Court, and particularly before the Panel of Experts established in the electrical legislation.

Contact: Claudio Undurraga.

Solid and Liquid fuels, Natural gas, LNG and Oil

Prieto has been an ongoing counselor in gas pipeline projects, natural gas purchase and transportation contracts and the bidding processes and development of liquid natural gas projects, such as Quintero and Mejillones. With an extremely active role in the transportation and distribution of liquid fuels and gas, Prieto represents domestic and international clients in the construction and financing of gas pipeline projects and gas sales transactions to power generating plants, and also in M&A operations regarding companies and assets involved in this sector, among others.

In this area, Prieto has represented its clients in drawing up gas purchase contracts (GPAs), gas transportation contracts (GTAs), take-or-pay sales and construction contracts (EPCs), among others, and before the authorities, the regular courts of law, the Antitrust Court and in arbitration procedures.

Likewise, our Firm permanently advises its clients regarding bidding and negotiation processes of short and long term solid fuels supply contracts (i.e. bituminous and sub-bituminous coal, limestone and other sorbents), along with the negotiation of charter party or alike maritime transportation contracts, rendering also advise to clients involved in disputes with suppliers and transporters and regarding port and customs matters.

Contact: Juan Tagle.