Our team has played a crucial role in promoting and developing Civil Society Organizations, recognizing their importance as essential drivers of philanthropy both in Chile and globally.

In this context, Prieto not only provides continuous advice to donor entities such as foundations, corporations, and non-profit organizations with extensive experience in obtaining and managing philanthropic resources, but has also significantly contributed to the transition of key players, guiding them from a donor position to active engagement as drivers of projects with relevant social impact in our country. Through responsible and committed guidance of philanthropic organizations, they effectively coordinate available resources, social demands, and tasks carried out by governmental organizations.

Our consultancy covers a broad spectrum, ranging from evaluating the best alternatives to incorporate an entity, searching for the most suitable options for making philanthropic donations and contributions, creating endowments, to daily monitoring and responsible and efficient financing. In this role, we address essential issues such as corporate, tax, and social responsibility aspects.

As a team, this work and collaboration have not only allowed us to understand the complexity of the philanthropic environment and the extensive regulations applicable to donation matters, but also to stand out as strategic partners driving positive transformation in society.