Prieto offers its clients multidisciplinary legal advisory services to ensure compliance with regulations related to environmental, social, and corporate governance criteria, commonly referred to as ESG. Throughout this process, we identify applicable regulations, assist in determining the compliance standard, and recommend appropriate best practices for the company. We also emphasize the impact of ESG in evaluating risks, investments, and new projects.

When assessing the company’s ESG practices, we provide guidance from a three-pronged perspective: a practical approach, aiming to effectively enhance the company’s corporate governance to create value for its management by mitigating or eliminating corporate risks stemming from its regular activities; a critical approach, where we scrutinize current standards; and an independent approach, maintaining impartial judgment with respect to the company’s management and its historical practices.

Our team possesses extensive experience in formulating plans to elevate the corporate governance standard. This includes developing new practices or amending existing ones in codes, manuals, corporate policies, or other documents. We also oversee the implementation of these improvement plans.