Benjamín Grebe L.


“Is highly valued by clients for his great antitrust knowledge and his litigation skills. Benjamin’s great strength is the clarity to explain regulation to all kinds of actors, understanding customer requirements with a business vision, not just purely legal”, Chambers Latin America 2020.

“In bankruptcy matters he is highlighted by sources for being very good at representing creditors. He regularly handles reorganisation and bankruptcy matters for clients from a range of industries including retail and construction”, Chambers Latin America 2020.


Benjamín Grebe has been a partner in Prieto since 2010. He joined the firm in 1998.

He is the head of the Antitrust Area and counsels clients on prevention, as well as in investigations conducted by the National Economic Attorney General’s Office and in cases before the Antitrust Court. This is an area in which he has been distinguished by Chambers & Partners.

He also is actively involved and has significant experience in bankruptcy and insolvencies, liquidations and reorganizations of companies; mergers and acquisitions and in commercial arbitration.

In recent years, he has mainly dedicated to counsel and provide legal representation to clients in Antitrust area in several business areas, in process of merger control led by the authority, cases of alleged joint and unilateral abuse of dominance and alleged cartels, including one of the most recent cartel cases, representing a client as an applicant for leniency process.

In the preventive consultancy area, he assists clients with consultations related to Antitrust matters on vertical restraints, allocation, dominant position abuse, merger control procedures, agreements between competitors and joint ventures, among others.

He has developed and executed, several antitrust compliance programmes for companies and trade associations, including risk analysis, compliance programme, instructive, and training courses.

He has counseled state companies in port bidding process, especially with his representation before the Competition Tribunal on these matters. He also represents Private Ports and Private Port Concessions in diverse Antitrust matters.

He leads the Insolvency and Bankruptcy area and has experience representing creditors, debtors, and interested parties on judicial proceedings of bankruptcy and insolvencies, and in commercial arbitration. He had active involvement for several years in merger and acquisitions operations, on different areas, including retail, food sector, industrial production, etc. Previously, he worked in the litigation practice area, representing clients in all sorts of civil, commercial and public law disputes.

He earned a LLM from University of Warwick, where he graduated cum laude. He studied law at Universidad Finis Terrae, where he was awarded the Francisco Bulnes Ripamonti prize as the best student in his class.

He is a member of the Chilean Bar Association, Senior Vice Chair of the Latin American Regional Forum (LARF) of the IBA and is on the arbitrators roster of the National Arbitration Center. He is the firm’s Coordinator with the Pro Bono Foundation.

Languages: Spanish and English.

Publications: “The objectives of the law in defending competition law and the Chilean System created by Law 19,911,” Law Review of the Universidad Finis Terrae , Year IX, #9 // “System of Proof of Retail Collusion,” Chapter VIII, written with José Luis Prieto and María Teresa Vial in Competition Law and the Retail Industry, Editorial Libromar, edited by Paulo Montt R. and Nicole Nehme Z., September 2010.


Law Degree, Universidad Finis Terrae, 1998.

Diploma in the Economics of Competition, Fundamentals for Attorneys, Universidad de Los Andes, 2007.

LL.M., University of Warwick, 2005.


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